Wednesday, 10 September 2008

The Visit

You flipped your lid
- at the things I did.
When I first met your Mum for tea.
It was such cruel fate
When some jam I ate
Ended up on her new settee.

But was it really my fault?
That her cat got caught
-in the flap when I slammed the door.
Or that the budgie flew out of the window
When I knocked its cage to the floor.

It was courting disaster
As I roared with laughter
When her false teeth fell out on her plate
I stifled a grin
-as she put them back in.
I could tell she was getting irate.

As I got up to leave
I knocked her cup with my sleeve
And tea splashed down her best dress.
The cat gave a wail
- when I trod on its tail.
I knew she wasn't impressed.

My girl slipped me a note
That she hastily wrote.
Insisting that we should go.
Next week could be fun
We're off on a run
- down to Kent to meet her Aunt Flo.

Copyright John Tucker 2008

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

A Load of Rubbish

The dustbin men came this morning
With their normal clatter and din.
As per usual when they'd gone
There was more in the road than was in.

I took a look through the window
You know it was such a sin
There still patiently waiting
Stood my poor lonely dustbin.

The dustbin men had forgotten him
The others were empty and bare.
Mine had waited all morning for nothing.
It just didn't seem fair.

I felt so sorry for him
So alone out there in the rain.
With rubbish all over and in him
It did seem such a shame.

At last I could bear it no longer
Quickly outside I strode
And tipped all the rubbish within him
With what they'd left in the road.

Copyright John Tucker 2008

Half - of - One

Throughout the years.
Through Love and Tears.
Through Sun and Stormy weather !
Our love has grown
- is growing still
- and will endure forever !
After all this time
The two of us
Have now become as one !
And when you're not with me my Love
I'm only ' Half - of - One '

Copyright John Tucker 2008


An eerie quiet filled the night
- everywhere.
Trees stood statuesque
- but for the odd breath of air.
Toward the east the yellow glow
- of yet another dawn.
It seemed to me as though the world
- was waiting to be born.
The houses in the distance
- starkly outlined on a hill.
Emphasised the silence
- of the early morning chill.
The moment was so brief
The birth painlessly swift.
The transformation night to day
- was but a fleeting kiss.

Copyright John Tucker

My Friend

I'm lucky to have a friend like you
Whose kind and thoughtful ways
Helped me through the bad times
- as you were there for me always.
Your constant encouragement
Those few kind words of praise.
Enabled me to overcome
The very worst of days.
So if you should ever need me
- or I can help in any way.
You only have to ask my friend
You only have to say!

Copyright John Tucker 2008

Monday, 8 September 2008

Perfect Harmony

An apple grows upon a tree.
A grape upon a vine.

They live in perfect harmony
- as does your heart with mine !

Copyright John Tucker 2008

Good Advice

What will my few words say to you ?

Will they affect the things you do ?

Will you remember what i've said

- or act in other ways instead.

Will you heed my good advice

- or put my common sense on ice!

Maybe you'll smile

- and softly say.

Thank you for your help today.

Then leave

- and go your own sweet way.

Copyright John Tucker 2008

Sunday, 7 September 2008


In life so grim around me.

My mind turns back a page.

To memories far behind me.

Deep in mists of age.

So far a mind d'oth wander.

Through tunnels e'er so old.

To stay a while and ponder.

On cherished days retold.

For - now I'm getting older.

Much of my life now spent.

No more youthful vigour.

My body twisted - bent!

Time spent reminiscing

Even for a little while.

Brings light into the shadows,

And leaves a wistful smile.....

Copyright John Tucker 2008