Wednesday, 10 September 2008

The Visit

You flipped your lid
- at the things I did.
When I first met your Mum for tea.
It was such cruel fate
When some jam I ate
Ended up on her new settee.

But was it really my fault?
That her cat got caught
-in the flap when I slammed the door.
Or that the budgie flew out of the window
When I knocked its cage to the floor.

It was courting disaster
As I roared with laughter
When her false teeth fell out on her plate
I stifled a grin
-as she put them back in.
I could tell she was getting irate.

As I got up to leave
I knocked her cup with my sleeve
And tea splashed down her best dress.
The cat gave a wail
- when I trod on its tail.
I knew she wasn't impressed.

My girl slipped me a note
That she hastily wrote.
Insisting that we should go.
Next week could be fun
We're off on a run
- down to Kent to meet her Aunt Flo.

Copyright John Tucker 2008


Big Daddy Cash said...

A good laugh is the best cure for what ails. John this is really descriptive. I been there a time or two. I can picture the embarrassing yet hilarious situation. Really Funny, LOL, BDC

Big Daddy Cash said...

I put this one on the blog VIDEO Clown. Your, You Tube presentation. I think it was your first it was the first one of yours that I seen, anyway it was the one that started the fire and brought me into videos in a blaze. Since then I have made and deleted several hundred. I think I still have about 200 on You Tube and double that in my video file. It's no wonder my computer runs slow. LOL, BDC

johntucker said...

Hello William you have certainly been unstoppable with your videos. I found a recording I made after watching one of yours so went into windows movie maker and the result was A Message to William - hope you enjoy it.
I just muddle through when it comes to computers and still don't fully understand how to get the best from the technology on offer. By the way I think you can get so much free space on the web so that you can save your videos to your part of the web and free up more memory on your computer.
Regards John

john tucker said...

Thank you William my one and only fan on here lol john